Sunday, December 28, 2008

What is Australian Druidry?

Druidry is a Pagan spiritual path based on earth energies and the cycles of the seasons. Although our path has mainly been reconstructed relatively recently from a limited amount of historical information and the imaginations of some amazing spiritually minded people, it is a relevant and rapidly growing spiritual path in the world today.
Druidry is a major player in Paganism in both the United Kingdom and the United States however it's following in Australia is fairly limited to date.
Druids Down Under has been set up for the purpose of exploring Druidic spirituality in Australia. Through combining the inspiration of our tradition in Druidry with the spiritual essence of the land we live in, we aim to find a connection with the sacred landscape.
By understanding the unique cycles of nature in our various localities in this vast and diverse land, by finding insight in the symbols and messages of the trees and animals, by learning about the history of the place we live in and the spirit of all those who have lived in and loved this place, we will come to find our own kind of Druidry, specific to who we are and where we are. This is Australian Druidry.
We hold open circles at times of change throughout the year usually around the northern beaches of Sydney. If you would like to be involved, please stay tuned for details of our upcoming events.


  1. Hi,
    I am doing an assignment on Druidry and was wondering if you had any quotes from reputable sources on stated aims and activities of Druids, mainly in Australia. I was also wondering how druidism is an alternative to traditional religious involvement.
    Thank you

  2. Hi
    I was wondering if the Australian College of Druidry Correspondence Course is still up and running, as I am very interested in doing this!!!

  3. aI too would like information on correspindence courses.

  4. Where do I subscribe? Any ongoing cost?